Black Lace Bunny Ears with Veil


Thank you to @5150Silverback for buying this Bunny Ear headband with veil for me from my amazon wish list.

I noticed that this type of “prop” is somewhat popular in some corners of the interwebs. I figured I could add this product to my collection of photo props.

These lace bunny ears are from Icibgoods. The package arrived in a white plastic bag with the ears folded inside a clear plastic bag. The outer ears are formed by a thin wire attached to a headband with the lace veil hot glued at the base of the ears onto the headband.

First thing I noticed is that the lace veil does not hang properly on the face. Due to the way it’s glued to the headband it doesn’t come close to covering my eyes like it shows in the photos. The headband has to be sitting very close to the hairline in order for the veil to look like the photo. I had to pull apart the lace on the headband in order for the veil to hang past my eyes.

What I might end up doing is taking off the face veil completely. Leaving just the lace bunny ears and adding a separate piece of lace to cover my eyes. I do like how the bunny ears are poseable, bendable into any position.

Are these bunny ears worth the $2.95? Ah, no. But then again, you get what you pay for. Just don’t get too excited or expect that your headband might be that perfect one, because it probably won’t be.

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