A Bit of Reading [365 Day Photo Challenge]

ReadingDay3Day 3 of the Photo a Day Challenge. I truly hope I can keep this going. We know that life always interrupts our plans & intentions.

It’s freezing cold outside. Temperature is a -15 early this morning. It’s warmed up to a summer time temp of 12 degrees (F).  I decided today that the Christmas tree was going down,  in between repeats of CSI. I noticed that “Old Man” had been reading a book that my #1 fan had sent him for Christmas. I picked it up and started reading it. Thought the Manchild would enjoy it when we are finished reading it. I sat in the comfy chair wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm. There I sat reading it, enjoying a chuckle now & again. Remembering my trip over there this past September & wishing I could go back again. I seriously wonder if we will ever make it back overseas. I can always dream.

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