Cleaning the Kitchen

I find myself spending time alone on this Memorial Day. When others are out in the sun with family & friends, I realize that I have isolated myself from them. Today I am cleaning out the kitchen, throwing away pots & pans I no longer use or need.

Don’t get me started on the booze! What some reason my mother in law thought that I would enjoy having her leftovers. I just never threw them away. Little bottles of strange stuff, alcohol I would have no idea what to do with. Funny thing that yes, I do drink and at times too much. However I was never one for drinking at home. Maybe cause the drinks don’t taste the same. Maybe cause I can’t see myself drinking at home, like when I was young.

Flashing back, I would drink my dad’s stash before I would leave the house. I remember asking old drunkards to buy me booze because I was underage. Looking back, damn I was trusting, huh?! I think this is the main reason why I find it so difficult to drink at home, because it was for a purpose. To catch the buzz before I left home. No wonder why most of my friends now wonder why I am so mellow when I see them. Because when I met them at the clubs I was already buzzing pretty good. They always thought I was the wild one! HA!

Spending Time with My Manchild

I will give him this, he does “allow” me to video him sometimes..not all the times. We enjoyed a few minutes together, had to get his transcripts for school, then since we were the side of town that used to be my ‘hood. So, we had to stop and get some elote or corn in a cup and some fruit..we got pineapple. Then to Roma Bakery for some sweets and stop by Behr scrapping to let them know that he sold his truck and to take it off the boss’s account. He will be leaving home to go back to school .. tomorrow or maybe Sunday. I think we both needed this … we are very close, can ya tell?! lol

I’m an Empty Nester Now

Today is the first day of the rest of my Manchild’s life. We dropped him off at his new apartment, he starts school on May 29th. Tomorrow he has orientation, both for housing & college. He MUST start looking for a job, its part of the college program. We are in debt up to our eyeballs, BUT it’s all worth it. He’s the “baby” of six kids….and the only one to go away to college.

He’s like my best friend…we are the ones that get along the most, we are very close. I thought I could handle it, thought I would feel freedom. I was strong up until he text me while I was at Culver’s..trying to drown my sadness in a Fudge Pecan sundae. He texts me “Love you too Mama, stay strong!” That’s when I felt the tears filling my eyes..I told my Beloved “Time to GO!” He knew actually what that meant, he quickly got up and we walked out, as I fought the tears from falling from my eyes. I don’t cry in public. Hell I don’t even cry in front of him! I hide in the shower and ball like a baby.

I know that he will be just fine, but still a part of me, says “He’s NOT ready!” There are so many mean people in the world, I worry. Sure Sure, other parents say “you will never stop worrying.” BUT he is away from home, alone, living with other guys he doesn’t know. I guess I will continue to worry. I should be ok, My daughter left at 17, I don’t remember ..oh wait..nope I drank a lot then…and when my oldest left and got involved with the wrong woman..I cried all that night too.

On a positive note…I am now an empty nester! What ever will I do? I have NOT been without children since 1986!!!! I always had children to chase, change, wipe…spank…feed..bath..clean up after. Now what? Seriously? Now what? Well..I joined a gym and  I have plans (intentions) on “remodeling” the house. Example…making his bedroom into our office, making my office the guest bedroom. Then work again on my yard, bring it back to the place it used to be when they were young. I think I’ll be fine, one day turns into a week, weeks into months and months into next year. Each passing day will be easier, that I know. Thank goodness I have this blog to help me through the rough spots. Cheers to my new life as an empty nester!

Rummage Sales

Some people call them garage sales other call them rummage sales. Either way, my neighborhood is having one tomorrow. We have not participated in one since maybe 2000 or so. It always was cold & rainy when they had them in the past of late April. Now it’s mid-May and brisk out, sometimes in the 70’s. Tomorrow once again its suppose to be cloudy and 68 degrees outside.

I dread these things. I never know how much to price stuff and I want stuff gone, yet, feeling like a hoarder I have issues getting rid of my stuff! How crazy is that!? We have some items left by out former tenants from our rental property. Man, what a mess! I have a storage unit, a shed, my spouses shed along with a temporary shed, you know the ones with the tarp cover!

Gawd! Maybe we are Hoarders in disguise. I just feel since my Manchild is moving out, we can stand to down size in a major way. There are no more young kids in the house, I see no little children coming to visit us i.e. my grandson, unless I beg for him. I think “I am finally getting my freedom back from the younger years when I had NO choice, I had to be someones mother.” Now I am FREE! Back to being the highly self-absorbed woman again. That’s for another post!

Just wish me well in my madness….this is so crazy. Deep freezer, baker’s rake, towel rack, futon frames, clothes…JUNK….yea yea one mans junk is another mans treasure!

WorkOut Time

My ManChild had joined a local fitness gym chain. Every night he goes and as he walks out the door he yells “wanna go to the gym MaMa?”
I yell back “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!”
This night he didn’t ask, so I jumped in the car and followed him there. Joined up and going tomorrow. I recently noticed an increase in thigh & calf weight. My legs have always been my best feature. Now, ohhh what happened?!

So, I will become a gym rat (again). With the ManChild’s soon departure I will need something to keep my mind from worrying about him getting to school, finding a job, etc. Also, I am tired of waiting on my shipment. Thats no quick fix either! It was last year, but oh boy, the weight caught up to me.

I do not plan on telling my beloved that I joined a gym, if its anything like a haircut, he won’t notice a thing. I thought I can yell it out in the blog community, who is gonna tell?!

Mystery Trip

So, part of my job duties are to come up with places the residents can visit and have some lunch. Some of the trips are called “Mystery Trips” they don’t know where they are going, its a surprise until we arrive at desination.

Mystery Trip Destination
Passing Through
Lunch – Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes for $5

Today I drove them to Beloit, Wisconsin to a place called Road Dawg Restaurant. We passed through Roscoe, Illinois on our way there. We arrived before the lunch crowd hit, the residents seemed to enjoy it. There were lunch specials and most including myself ordered the meatloaf special for $5. I ordered coconut cream pie for dessert too. I am still stuffed. NO dinner tonight! There was a lot of meatloaf for the price, mixed in were green peppers, topped with ketchup, a little on the salty side tho.

After lunch I drove them to a little store …it’s really more like a gas station with a Wisconsin gift shop inside. It was called “Cornelliers Superstore.” You could get your DNR license, plate renewal, and a few other things done there along with buy Green Bay Pack fan items, cheese, jams, jewelry..I took a few “keek” videos for you to see, if you wanna peek.

Inside the Cheese Factory gift shop #beloit #wisconsin

May 5, 2012 | Source:

Pick your cheese! #beloit #wisconsin

May 5, 2012 | Source:

Buying #fireworks in #Beloit #Wisconsin

May 7, 2012 | Source:

You could even purchase fireworks for your next backyard celebration. So, there ya have it. A day at my job. I love my job. It’s fun, relaxing and never boring – EVER!

CDL, TSO and Rest

So, what gives? Where ya been?
There has been so much going on in my life lately. I really do wish that some apps that I have had a direct link to blogger or wordpress. I would be able to keep up on the blogging by adding my videos & photos. I know I can with the blogger/wordpress app. BUT, sometimes that’s more of a headache than its worth.

Over the past week, I have had to retake my CDL driver’s license and all the endorsements that I have.

Standard Drivers license
CDL – class Bsample question: At 55 mph, on dry pavement with good brakes, it can take a heavy vehicle about 390 feet, or __________ seconds, to stop once the brakes are applied.
School Bus Endorsementsample question: Pupils must walk at least how many feet in front of a school bus to cross the road?
A. 8 ft.
B. 10 ft.
C. 12 ft.
Passenger Endorsementsample question: If your bus is disabled, the bus, with riders aboard, may be towed or pushed to a safe place only . . .

A. Is recommended at all times.
B. Should not be used when entering or exiting a highway.
C. Should be used when riding on curves.
 I haven’t studied for a CDL test in 1992! Oh course I went into a panic, tried studying but you know how it goes, someone or something is always trying to get your attention when trying to study! I failed the first time, two more chances. I truly hate going down to the DMV, those employees always seem to be confused about one thing or another. One lady said “you have to take all 6 tests at once.” The other employee said “you can break up the tests into sections and we have headphones to use.”

WHAT???!!! Headphones!!??? Sweet deal. Since this kitty Cat has attention issues, those headphones were a god-send. I passed the second time around with 100% on my CDL core knowledge, school bus endorsement, passenger endorsement, standard drivers test, but I failed my motorcycle twice and my air brakes once…passed everything completely. What I dislike the most is that most of the questions on the Core Knowledge test are NOT something I will be dealing with. Friday night I ended up attending a friend’s birthday party at Tiger Tail Erotic Dance Club.

Tiger Tail Exotic Dancers, celebrating D’s birthday
Apr 20, 2012 | Source:

Saturday night I went to see TSO…also known as Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are amazing!!! If you ever have the opportunity to see them in concert I recommend that you do so. Here is just a light clip of the show…This is from “Beethoven’s Last Night.” TSO plays classical music with a rock twist, the guys all have long hair, wear tux tails, chains on their jeans and do the “head bang” when they play. Roddy Chong is absolutely amazing! Everything from his beautiful black hair to his violin playing. His energy on stage is just captivating.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Beethoven’s Last Night Tour. The violinist was amazing!
Apr 22, 2012 | Source:
Dec 31, 1969 | Source:

After the concert we hit a few bars and had a drink or two or three or four.  We eventually made it home again. Sunday is a day of rest, which I took lots of .. REST! All in all it was a great Birthday this year. Hopefully I’ll be around next year to celebrate again.

Opps I shot I forgot about
Apr 22, 2012 | Source:

Comments Anyone?!

To Comment or Not to Comment

So above is a link to a blog that I read often…Jack & Jill are a wonderful couple. Jill is sweet & thoughtful. Jack always makes me laugh and he writes some hot & steamy posts, together they are “Jack & Jill” a kinky couple in the sex blogosphere.

I read his post about comments. Jack always leaves a comment on my posts, usually the only one. I am not concerned with comments. I write what’s in my head and I find that most bloggers type about stuff, whether its recipes or about health, family, kids, books. I figure there is so much of that…I am that self centered that this blog is about my adventures, thoughts that swirl around & bump into each other.

Back when I started out on the internet, I was very much into the sex part of the cyber world. I ran 3 adult themed sites and comments were a huge part of that social networking. I was asked by the owners to make sure that members felt welcome. Commenting on their profile, blogs, photos was a huge part. We all wanted to feel like we belong to something big. I got out of the habit of commenting. I was so tired of doing it and not only that but most people never commented back. So, I view it this way…if I have something to say about the post I will leave a comment or even a smiley face..just to let the blogger know I was there. I try to extend myself to those who extend towards me. So, if they leave a comment I will return to their blog and do the same.

I always thought that bloggers are a “different” group of people compared with podcasters. I have more interaction with podcasters than I do with bloggers. This is just my opinion and experience on the internet. Whats your view on the whole commenting issue?

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