Interior – The Dive Bar

When you walk inside you can’t help but to notice the untreated hard wood floors. The wood-paneled walls, the pool tables and the bathroom doors with huge wooden handles that look like they’re from the Viking period.

Continuing to walking you see the most beautiful tables. The tables are cuts made from trees. Odd shaped, bark still on the sides and covered in a thick shellac. A few slot machines are there for those who enjoy to toss their money away.

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At the bar there is an overload of visual stimuli. There are stickers plastered all over the glass door that leads inside the walk-in cooler. There is a beer barrel sticking out of the wall with a tap on it for the beer of the week. There is random candy boxes, potato chips and other snacks placed on the bar. The top of the bar is covered with bottles and bottles of every sort of alcohol.

There is a tiny cooler that keeps cold single bottles of wine, such as Barefoot. There are single bottles of Henry’s Hard Soda, Mike’s Hard varieties. And different flavored beer like the blueberry stuff, which is totally gross.

interior, barlife,

The Interior of this dive bar has always been interesting, dark and reminded me of something out of the 70’s that hasn’t caught up to present day. A person can’t sit there and not find something to stare at. Whether its one of the big screen TV’s or if it’s any of the bizarre, unique and quirky items hanging somewhere in that bar.

New Years Letter from 2016 to 2017

Dear 2017,


I wanted to tell you a bit about me, last year 2016.

A few of my best moments were…

Kyle Nicolaides of beware of darkness, music, vocalist,

  • Going to Chicago and meeting two bands “Beware of Darkness” and “The Struts.” They are two very down to earth bands who are so approachable you forget they’re famous. The Struts have had their songs played in the new TV show “Lethal Weapon” and Beware of Darkness has their song “Howl” in the movie “Bad Santa 2.”Gethin Davies The Struts
  • Getting to go to New Orleans to see both of the above bands AGAIN! Only this time with VIP passes. I have always wanted to go to Nola and I did. Fucking Amazing! I walked the streets of Nola with a few of the band members. A dream come true.

  • Meeting some new people, like Mr. Sam. Even thought he drives me crazy. Hanging out with the drunks at the bar, writing about The Bar, The Booze and Me.¬†Sure, it shouldn’t be one of the best moments, but they were so fun god damn moments!
  • Receiving two Blogging Awards Molly’s Top 100 Sex Blogs and Rebel’s Top 20 Blogs of ’16. Knowing a few of my peers here, think that I have what it takes to run with some of the big dogs makes my clit hard! ūüėČ
  • Receiving gifts from a few of my followers/fans. This tickled my pretty pink places and those men get top treatment from me when ever I can give it. Finding some new blogs to follow.
  • Having more companies approach me to write reviews. This is great, especially the different stuff. I don’t like reviewing the stuff that every one writes about. Provide some variety out here.

Some of the difficult, hard or worst times….

  • At the top of the list would have been losing Charlie. We ended our friendship in early October then he left from “camp.” I didn’t get to say goodbye to him, I haven’t heard from him and probably never will. I heard unfounded rumors that he has cancer. Not sure if I want to know if its true or not. I even found some journal entries that I wrote about that time in my life.
  • Early June the Manchild was in a car accident and totaled his new car. Financially that set him back, set us back a bit as well. We bought a used truck for him to drive. He moved back to Illinois this October. That’s the silver lining. However, financially we have struggled just enough to feel at times uncomfortable.
  • During the summer, the Beloved was home due to two hand surgeries. He was unable to do pretty much anything and everything. He just sat around all summer watching movie and eating. His 42 yrs of being on the job is finally catching up to him, his body can’t take it like when he was in this 20’s. It’s difficult to see him uncomfortable and in pain.

My Hopes for you 2017…

  • Continue blogging, writing and journaling everything and anything. To blog about¬†being a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, followed by all the stuff that happens due to having BPD.
  • To continue to review products for companies, not just sex toys but health, beauty and household, reviews.
  • To learn discipline¬†with blogging. To finish the challenges I start. To get more creative with the¬†sex stories that are based on my (sometimes Borderline driven) issues.
  • To learn to be a better friend to those who reach out to me.
  • To learn why a certain type of male is attracted to me and how to break that cycle.
  • To learn more about the Law of Attraction.

Focusing on you 2017….

  • Continuing to focus on this website, blogging and photography. I think that we have finally found somewhat of a niche in the blogosphere.
  • Focusing on education. Read somewhere that there are FREE classes at the local library. Lets look into that, maybe some writing courses, computer courses would be helpful, don’t you think so?
  • Focusing on getting¬†the household in order and really doing it this year!
  • Mental Health, keeping focus on¬†the triggers so that I don’t get in over my head when it comes to certain things.
  • My Marriage, not to neglect it and to appreciate it. Everything else can burn away, but without him in my life I would be lost.

happy new year 2017, sassycat3000, copyright

There are some of my highlights and lowlights, so 2017 I do hope you can be a little more focused, determined. Following me shouldn’t be too bad, there is always more to learn, more to smile about. Laugh, someone said not to take yourself too serious, have fun with what you do. Don’t always be afraid to show the emotion, let yourself shine 2017.

Thanks for the memories,

Best Wishes from Year 2016


Icicles [Photo101]

Falling behind on my Photography 101 November Challenge. When I took these photos, I kept thinking “nature.” Not a complete photo of the natural world.

At the end of my shift I noticed the icicles on my vehicle. I thought it would make for an interesting photo. Icicles at dusk.


Icicles at Dusk

Icicles at Dusk




There is a park on my way home from “corn country.” It’s a small park. There is a cool creek that runs through it. I always think its a great place to take pictures. No matter what the season is, I think its a great spot. There is something about water, the sound of running water that soothes the soul & mind. I took a quick walk around the area after taking photos. I didn’t walk for long because there was still a chill in the air.

Water is a mirror

 How will you interpret this theme? How can you tell a story with water? РDaily Post. Photography 101




Year after year I rake up all the leaves that fall from surrounding trees. I love autumn. I hate autumn. I love the sound of leaves, the smell of burning leaves. I hate the leaves being in the street because when the snow falls it turns into a slippery mess. Sometime this weekend I will be raking up all the fallen leaves off the street.


Today, capture an establishing shot of a street scene in your neighborhood ‚ÄĒ or someplace new. –¬†Daily Post. Photography 101






When I hear the word “home” I always think of that saying “Home is where the heart is.” Is home really there? I know that MY heart is definitely NOT in the place below. ¬†Home is my safe place which happens to be a person. Recently I have spent a lot of time there. A place that he¬†took me too. I haven’t had a place to go to since 1998, when my home away from home changed owners. It was a place that I felt comfortable. It was a place that those around me knew my name. I felt protected and the bartender knew what I drank. ¬†Only until recently have I felt this comfortable in this kind of environment. However, I truly don’t know how long it will last since there might be some disturbance in the near future. I’ll have to wait and see for how much longer I can call this little hole in the wall – “home.”

Bar Stool

What does home look like to you? Share this image in a new post. – Daily Post. Photography 101

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