My Mouth Couldn’t Handle the Overflow [MM125]

Continuing from “Having Drinks with Mr. Sam” ….

Mr. Sam & I got comfortable in his room. He turned on his TV. I laid on the bed. We watched tv for a bit. Talking about the cool tv shows that each of us has watched. He lies on the bed opposite direction of me. I’m touching his leg and he is laying there looking at me. There are no words, just the background noise of the TV. I’m just touching him, caressing him and we are enjoying each other’s company. I crawled up to his lips and kissed him. We kissed for a while, but not for long. I pulled up his shirt so I could feel his skin.

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I stared deep into his eyes, smiled at him. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He watched me, helping me push down his jeans, he pulls off his thermal shirt. I run my fingers over his chest. Kissing his tummy, moving down to his semihard cock. I took his cock in my hand, stroking it gently but nothing too serious, nothing that would get him super excited. I held his cock in one hand and rubbed the head with my other hand, circular motions. I heard a few sounds of enjoyment from his lips. He laid his head back and shut his eyes. Then he would glance up at me and watch me again. Stroking more. What I  enjoyed was massaging his balls. I deliberately move my fingers over his pubic hair, his response was a turn on. He sighed and took a deep gasp, his head back with his eyes shut. When I paused he glanced at me.

I gave him that look. I took his cock into my mouth. He has a nice-looking cock. He’s cock is standard size, I like the way it looks and how it feels in my mouth. His cock isn’t too thick but thank goodness it isn’t too thin either. He’s very natural with his wild, long dark pubic hair. He watches me take all his cock into my mouth. I feel the bottom of his cock and I breathe in his scent. My hands are caressing his body, fingers moving through his pubic hair and the other hand caressing his balls. My mouth moves up & down his rod, my tongue swirls around the tip with a light force and I listen to him moan once again. Deep. Deeper. His cock hits the back of my throat. I didn’t struggle to accommodate him in nor did his cock make my eyes (this time). I was taking him in slowly, Playing with him, teasing him, watching his response with every move. There was a sexblogger, latina, sex stories, oral sex, blowjobmoment when I was sucking on him, licking his cock with my tongue. I glanced at him and he watched at me. It’s not something I regularly do when giving a lover a blowjob. It’s something that makes me feel like I am connecting with the man and that’s not always a good idea. But Mr. Sam is tender, sensitive and has demons that torment him more than mine ever do.

I saw him settle back into his pillow, his arm over his forehead. He’s breathing hard, his body is tight. My hands reach up his chest. I suck faster. I listen to him moan, this excites me on to hear him. I reposition myself to the middle of his legs. One hand on his now erect cock, kneeling I suck on him quicker. Harder. He’s moving his pelvis up & down to fuck my mouth. His movement is matching mine, I felt his hands on the sides of my head as I’m sucking him. He wanted to hold on to my head as he fucked my mouth with his hard cock. But his hands don’t stay on my head. He quickly let’s go of my head. I felt his body tighten even more as he stretches out. The deep breathing and moaning is increasing. I take his cock down to the bottom and swallow expecting that he is about to come. I watch his back arch slightly and I feel the surge of his hot creamy milk hit the back of my throat. I’m drinking and consuming his hot milk, suddenly I can no longer keep up with the volume of cream that is filling up my mouth. He tastes sharp, bitter and salty. I felt his cock softened, his body was relaxed. I let his cock slip gently from my mouth. It was still dripping a little of cum and that’s when I took the picture.

Afterwards I joked with Mr. Sam “I couldn’t keep up with the overflow. That’s never happened before.”

With a chuckle in his voice he jokes “Overflow. That’s another new nickname for you.”

Good to the last drop” is the next post about Mr. Sam

Uncut [The Fellatio Project. MM51]

We finally had our moment alone.

We parked in the lot of the supermarket. We looked at each other, smiling and holding hands. You leaned into kiss me, our tongues danced together. You were eager to reach for your dream. You were like a teenage boy on his first car date. Your hands were all over me. I knew what I wanted. I knew that I didn’t want to have sex with you. There wasn’t enough time to fuck like you wanted to. You wanted time to explore every inch of my body. I just didn’t want too, but didn’t want you to feel like you were in this all alone. I couldn’t tell you this would be the one & only time together again. I didn’t feel that way about you. I didn’t share your what you felt. However, I do want you to remember me when I’m gone.

I decided that while we were kissing, when you whispered in my ear “I wanna taste you. I wanna feel deep inside you.”

I knew then that I was giving you a blowjob. We were kissing each other, deeply. I was aware that we were in a parking lot, people getting in & out of their cars to enter the store. I was afraid that someone might see us.

I fiddled with your belt, when you reached down to unbuckle it for me. You unzipped your pants, I seen your semi-hard cock for the first time. My surprise. You’re not circumcised. I’ve never sucked off a man with an uncut cock. I placed you inside my mouth slowly at first. My tongue running along the sides of your member. I hear you moaning, a bit loudly I might add. I felt the vibration from your head hitting the head rest of the drivers buckle seat. My hand wraps around your shaft, up & down slowly in the same motion of my mouth. My tongue moves over you, stopping at the tip. My tongue puts pressure on the ridged band of your cock. I hear a loud gasp escape your lips. You enjoy my tongue piercing for that purpose. Your hands grab my head and hold me there as I swallow. The tightening of my throat around you, is driving you towards your peak.  

All the while my other hand cupped and gently squeezing your sack. Pulling them up, so that my tongue can lick then. My lips suck them into my mouth as my tongue swirls around them. Your breathing deep and quick now. Are you wanting to cum soon? Your deep breaths and heavy sighs indicate that you do. I’m enjoying having you in the palm of my hand. My hand is gently stroking your thick throbbing cock, all the while my mouth is wrapped around the tip of your member. My tongue slipping into the tight puckered hole that your foreskin creates. My tongue continues to slip in & out, swirling my tongue around in circles while your foreskin covers the tip of my tongue. Am I tasting you already? Why are you teasing me with just a taste? I feel your body tighten & tense up as you seem to be lifting off the seat. I really enjoy playing with your foreskin, you’re my first. You’re so excited. Why are you holding my head down on your cock?!

I hear the sound of a car door slam. Oh that was close, huh? My mouth tightens around your cock, feel me swallowing? My nose is buried in your pubic hair, breathing in your scent deep in to my sinuses. You release your grip on my head and I start sucking you fast, holding onto your sack tightly. I hear you breathing faster, deeper sighs. Sucking you faster, harder as my hand strokes the rest of your shaft. I feel the tightness of your body. Am I getting turned on? Yes, hearing you and watching your body react to the pleasure I’m giving you. Enough playing around, we’re running out of time. You need to cum. I want you to cum, in my mouth and deep my throat. 

Faster. I swallow you a few times so that you can experience the tightness of my throat around your cock. That’s it. I hear you call out my name. My face is now buried into your pubic hair again. Down to the base I take your cock, swallowing. I hear your moans, sighs. I notice your hand on the arm rest of the car door, holding on tightly. I play with your foreskin, my tongue searches for any lost droplets of your cum. My lips suck dry your foreskin pulling it forward until I release it, forming into a little pucker hole.

Lifting up my head to look into your eyes, you smile a huge big smile and lean into kiss me. I kiss you back. Opening the car door, I lean back into the car knowing that I was ending our friendship. I would not be seeing you or talking to you again. “Thanks for the ride to work. You’ve been a great friend. I’ll see you later.” You’re still smiling, adjusting your clothes. “You’re very welcome, anytime you need a ride. Sure. Sure thing, I’ll call you later.” 

I quickly walked into the supermarket before I was late to work. 

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Masturbation Monday

On My Knees Again [TheFellatioProject]

We had made plans to get together for the exchange. I text him to tell him I’d be there in 10 minutes. He was there waiting. I walked through the back door. He laughed as he watched me.

Why are you laughing? I ask.

Because you always run up to the door and you always look around with paranoia to make sure no one sees you.

I don’t remember what we said to each other as I followed him into the living room. It was dark and cool. I took off my coat, laying it across the sofa. He looked at what I was wearing. Oh love those fuzzy boots.

Do you really like them?

Babe, you know I have always liked boots.

This small talk was starting to get on my nerves. The falseness of it all. I knew I really didn’t want to be there any more than I had to. I was gonna sit down on the sofa, but I didn’t want to chit-chat with him like the so many times before. I just wanted to do what I had agreed on. I wasn’t giving him anything more.

He dropped himself on to the other sofa. I walked over to him, straddling him. Leaning in for a kiss. My mind goes into hyper drive. I can feel those urges build. I can feel my pussy begin to ache for him. NO!

Oh God. I missed his kisses. When he kisses me, my mind becomes empty. I am one in the moment.  Tipsy from the taste of his lips. I’m drunk with lust. I can’t control myself. We kiss so intensely as if we will devour each other’s soul. I regain my senses. Time for me to get to work. Still sitting on him, I look into his eyes.

Tell me, did you miss me? Did you miss my lips? Did you miss my touch?

He smiles at me, kissing my cheeks, kissing my neck. His fingers run through my hair. Pulling a few strands out of my face and mouth.

Yes I missed you. I missed you this much. (as he stretches his arms out)

Did you miss me sucking your cock? Did you think about me after you left? 

In between kisses, he answers me.

I thought about you all the time. I thought how good you feel. I missed the taste of you. I missed smelling you on my clothes. I missed spanking your ass and pulling your hair. I just want you back into my life. 

I smiled at him. Thinking to myself, this is all bullshit. I decided I’d better hurry, the clock is ticking. I slide slowly down his body. I kneel. Unbuckling his pants, unzipping them, sliding them down. He didn’t take them off all the way. I pulled his limp dick out of his pants. I enjoy the feel of a limp cock in my mouth as it slowly becomes harder. He was so relaxed. I think too relaxed. I sucked his flaccid cock. I was hoping that this wouldn’t take long. At first I was into the act. Somewhere, I lost my train of thought. Somewhere, I just forgot what I was doing.

My mind wandered away from me. What?! What’s happening? Stop thinking about how you don’t want to be here. Stop thinking about how thin his penis looks now.

I’m sucking. Licking. Stroking my hand on his shaft while my tongue runs over the head of his cock. I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever gonna cum. Why is it taking so long? Did it always take this long? God, I don’t remember. Why does the floor seem damp? My knees are starting to hurt. Why don’t they hurt at other times?

I hear him moaning, but nothing like I want to hear him sound. Does it feel good to him? I wanna hear that sound that only he makes. I look at him as I lick the sides of his now very hard cock. Taking his balls into my mouth as I run my tongue down the sides, pulling them into my mouth then running my tongue across them as they are in my mouth. And yet, I still don’t hear that sound I so desperately crave to hear.

The thoughts of self-doubt start filling my mind. Maybe I’ve lost my touch. I prided myself on this talent that I have perfected for myself. Now I’m shaking. Why? Why isn’t it working?

I stop. He says “I wanna feel your skin against mine.” His way for asking for sex. Nope. I can’t. Don’t know where he’s been. I tell him that. “rubber?

‘No, I only have sex with her.” I knew he was still with her. I didn’t care. I’m trying to figure out, what’s taking him so long. He pulls my hair out of my face into his hand & holds it into a ponytail. Pulling my hair, holding my head. I thought we were close, I swear he drifted off for a second. I looked up at him and stopped. I laughed “ I can’t have sex with you. we’ve been apart too long for that now.” In my mind sucking his dick wasn’t the same as having vaginal sex. I continued sucking his still hard cock. My mouth starting to get tired. I tasted a faint taste of him. We’re getting close.

I’m doing everything that I would do to make him cum fast, but nothing is working. I think he knew I was beginning to give up hope on this blow job. He started stroking his cock. I watched as I licked & sucked his balls. My mind had more questions like he strokes his cock with two fingers? Not his hand wrapped around it. Was his dick always this thin, that thought of thinness won’t leave my thoughts. Long. He is long. At times hitting the back of my throat before I could slide him down correctly. Sucking his cock down to the base, my nose buried into his pubic area. I take a deep breath, breathing his scent into my nasal passages.

His hand starts stroking again, my tongue running across the head. I start the dirty talk.

I want you to cum on my tongue. Watch your cock spurt that hot cum on my tongue. I’m gonna swallow it all. I’ve missed tasting you. Cum for me babe.

He continued to stroke his cock faster. I watched & waited. There was no sounds, no tight muscles. Until the second before. I was unprepared for the initial spurt, which landed on his stomach.  I seen his body tense up, hearing the release in his voice. I quickly sucked him into my mouth. I heard that grasp of air. I swallowed, tightening around his cock. I did this until I felt his limp cock in my mouth. I really couldn’t taste him when I was swallowing, which was ok. I moved my mouth to the spot where his cum had landed on his stomach. I licked up what I had missed. Looking up at him and him watching me. Smiling.

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I wanted him to miss that kinky little slut I used to be for him.

Upon finishing, I giggled “sorry it took so long, it seems I’ve lost my touch. I haven’t been practicing.”

Baby, you are the best. Will always be the best – to me.”

He brushes the hair away from my face, tucking some behind my ear. “No. Don’t ever doubt yourself.”

I smiled brightly, stood up. Picking up my coat, putting it on as I began walking. “Can’t stay.”

He walked me to the door. Kissed me on the lips, hugged me. “Be careful.” 

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Blowing through Monday

I arrived at “our spot” in the park. I seen his car backing into a parking spot. There was another blue car with its lights on parked there too. Thinking “oh crap, someone has beat us to our spot.” I drove down to the dead-end. The other car started to drive off. He got out of his car, stretching his arms while the other car moved slowly away. I parked. He walked towards the car. I got out of my car.

“You scared that guy away”
“Did I? Was he alone?”
“Yeah, I think so, he looked at me and I looked at him.”
I so wanted grab him. We both stood with our bodies facing each other watching the car drove getting smaller in the distance. He leaned in and kissed me.

“What’s up babe? missed you.”
“Oh yeah, really? how much?”

He turned me around, swatted my ass while pushing me in the direction of the other side of his car as he started to get into the driver’s side.

I dropped my keys on the floor of the car. He’s unzipping his shorts. I see his limp dick and he is need of a shave.

“You gonna suck my cock baby?” 
I eagerly got to it. Feeling his limp cock in my mouth. Pushing it up against the roof of my mouth.  Swirling around it with my tongue. It’s so supple. So soft in my mouth. I swallow. Sucking up his balls into my mouth while his cock is still soft, but that didn’t last long at all. He reached into my jeans, squeezing my ass in his hand. His other hand was grabbing a handful of my hair. But there was still a lot of my hair wrapped up around his hardening cock. I stopped to readjust into a better position.

I love it when you watch me.” 

“I love watching you suck my cock.”

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He started grabbing hair from around my face and mouth. He wrapped his hand around it and pulled. Then he pushed my head down onto his cock.  Pulling & pushing, faster & faster.

“You gonna swallow all my load, baby? You wanna taste every drop, don’t ya?”

 Agreeing with him with my mouth full, making that uhuh sound. I wonder if it vibrated on his cock at all. He started to lift up a little from his seat. Strangely he got loud. All that tension that was released through his vocal chords and his cock. What a turn on!!! He had put his hand at the base of his cock. Normally I go down to the base, allowing the cum to slide directly down my throat. This time I couldn’t do that. He had his hand in the way so his hot jizz was squirting onto my tongue.  I was having difficulty keeping up with the swallowing. I love sucking after he comes because he reacts so intensely. I started sucking harder and at the base of the head.

“Stopppppp!!! Whaaaaa are you doing?! ahhhh you’re driving my crazy! That TICKLES!!!” 

He managed to wiggle free from my mouth.

“Ah! that really tickles!! Why do you do that to me?!” 
“Because I enjoy that power of watching you squirm.”

He put his cock away. Zipped up his pants. Patting his pants.


I just giggled.
I noticed that we had a different connection this time.  We were getting comfortable with each other. Both of us knowing what the other one wants.  He smiled that wicked smile at me. He mentioned meeting with someone over the weekend. I was totally ready to jump out of the truck. but he was relaxed. After I had finished sucking his cock.  I kissed him. Just a brief tender kiss, am I slipping? Geez, I hope not.
“This was a great Monday! Don’t forget Wednesday! For sure and then Friday we can get together again. OK, sweetie?”
“Yup, Wednesday for suck & fuck and Friday for business!”

He winked at me as I climbed out of his car.



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Door Knocker [NSFW]

I swallowed my part of my tongue ring!

This fellatio adventure occurred several years ago. In the early 1990’s when I was still single, living the semi-party girl life. My friend invited me to listen to his band play at a local watering hole. Sure I thought why not, so I went. I listened to the band play, between sets my friend introduced me to his friend. A tall blonde haired clean-cut guy, named Steve. I was in a pretty good mood, buzzed mood was more like it. We talked. About what? I don’t remember. What I do remember is that I didn’t want the night to end.

I really wasn’t into relationships back then. I didn’t want to get tied down. For reasons that I won’t go into now. I know that feeling when a guy is attracted to me. It was flattering at first, annoying later on.

We ended up meeting up with some of his friends at another bar. I was bored by then, time to head home. Did someone say head?

He walked me to my car. What a gentleman, huh?! Sure, that’s when the kissing started. Oh kissing leads to other things, doesn’t it?! Yes it does. He asked if we could go to my place. Oh No! That was against my rules, no guys at my place. They are too difficult to get rid of sometimes. I know he wanted sex, but back then I was going through a phrase, where I wasn’t into having sex with guys I just met, like I did back in the 80’s. I figured I could blow & bail.

We sat in his car, making out. Time to make my move. I was starting to get tired. Unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock. I did what I do best. He whimpered, moaned and at one point I thought he started to cry. To this day I have never heard a man make that kind of noise. My “door knocker” was rolling over his shaft, maybe it was too painful for him. He never said “stop.” Maybe the pleasure of the blowjob exceeded the pain of the door knocker. I will never know nor at this point do I care.

What seemed like only seconds, he exploded into my mouth, down my throat. I didn’t notice anything different then. I just remember saying something like “it was nice meeting you.” I got out of his car and walked quickly to mine. Safe at home. While brushing my teeth, I noticed part of the door knocker was missing. Whaaaaa?! At some point during my performance, I swallowed the circular part of my tongue ring! Ugh!

Things that make me say “hmmmm” with a puzzled look on my face.

He did attempt to re-connect through our mutual friend. I just never felt a want or need for him. We never saw each other again.

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The Fellatio Project

The Blowjob

Continuing with Kinky Mia’s “The Fellatio Project.” This is my second post about the subject of Fellatio. I’m sharing a personal experience regarding of one of my favorite sexual acts.

I had gotten several texts from him since the meeting night wanting to get together. We talked about the things we liked to do, turn on’s etc. He kept texting me. I was feeling the pressure, more like I was curious to find out what another cock felt like in my mouth and in other places. I really wasn’t sure about having sex with him, not just yet. Giving a blowjob, should & might satisfy both of our curiousness about each other. Besides that, I could bail quickly & easily. Not having to worry about getting undressed & dressed in front of him, etc.

After a dragged out discussion on when and where, he picked a place. I drove from work to meet him. He gave me the directions, it didn’t take me long to find him. I got in his car,  he drove to another location. He found a spot he liked, he looked at me, “come here and suck my cock.” He unzipped his pants,  I moved over to be able to give him one of my best blowjobs. I remember my hair was down. Sure that’s sexy, but to perform this task, my hair needs to be away from my face. Why? Because my hair is so thick that it creates a area that air doesn’t pass through, making it difficult to breathe & then I start to sweat. I hate to sweat.

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I have always prided myself on my blowjobs. I noticed that his cock is long & slender, not what I’m used to at all. He was longer, that was the first thing I felt. I could tell because he would hit the back of my back rather hard. He wasn’t thick, much more like what I call a “pencil dick.” He was very thin, like a pencil. I prefer a bit more thickness, because there is more of a challenge of breathing, swallowing, etc. I  still loved being able to deep throat him and swallowing while I did it. Breathe! You have to relax & breathe. He pushed my head down on his cock a few times which made my eyes water, but I didn’t miss a beat. Sometimes, I don’t mind eyes watering, if that’s what we are both in the mood for. You know, the mascara running down a chick’s face look. He finally came in my mouth, down my throat along with any evidence of this performance. My reward was the sound of his orgasm, the uncontrollable twitching of the first blowjob. The control I felt, that was my high. My drug. He was very impressed with my skill. He made a comment about my blowjob being one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had. I don’t wanna sound arrogant. However, he wasn’t the first one to say that nor the last. I often wonder if guys say that because they think that it’s something she wants to hear. I just know I’m good at what I do. I practiced. A lot. He was impressed with me not having a gag reflex. I do have a slight reflex however it’s no where near as intense as it was before my tonsillectomy.

Afterwards, on the way back to my car, I asked him questions about his lifestyle choice of being a swinger. He explained a lot to me only thing is he wanted to keep me a secret from his wife. I’m thinking this is different from swinging. I’m thinking that he is mostly a wayward spouse & a swinger when his wife is around. What he & I had was not romantic at all. It’s just when ever one of us needs a fix. He added a sense of excitement to my life. He would be able to answer that question of how would another man feel. Can I do this without guilt? “There are no emotions involved with this,” he told me, “I love my wife, it’s fun & exciting fucking others to.” At times I’m confused about all of this, but will continue to experiment and explore as much as I can. And experiment I did.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Have you always enjoyed cock sucking or is it something that had to develop? 

I remember back when I was little I had no clue what “blow jobs” meant. I was a late bloomer. Didn’t become sexually active until I was around 16 years old. My first official parent permitted boyfriend had taken me to the drive-in movie. He performed oral sex on me. That was my first experience with that. He then taught me how to return the pleasure. He was a gentle, patient teacher. Who knows if I was truly any good at it, ya figure a 17 year guy was getting his dick sucked, which probably didn’t have to be a perfect performance.

He gave me brief instruction. Do I remember what any of that was? Nope. I do remember not knowing have to keep from drooling all over his balls.  I didn’t know how to use my hands either. How much pressure, how fast, that kind of stuff. Sucker

The first time I performed a blow job, I can’t even remember if my boyfriend came or not. If he did I’m sure it wasn’t in my mouth. That I would remember! I don’t know when the next time I sucked a cock was either.

What I do remember is that saying of “practice makes perfect.”

I wanted to keep trying. I wanted to learn how to perform this task & be the girl that a guy would always remember who gave the best jobs he ever received. So there I was, a young ambitious chick who wanted to learn to be the best little cock sucker ever. Funny, I don’t remember if I truly enjoyed performing oral sex when I was younger and so very new at it. I do enjoy a beautiful hard penis in my mouth every now & again.  I think this task is something that needs to be practiced, mostly importantly is that the “sucker” must be willing & wanting to perform this on the “suckee.” Otherwise it’s bad for all involved. It should be a positive experience for beginners, whether performing regular bj’s verses the hardcore facefucking bj’s. Definitely an art that needs to be developed.

This is the answer to one of the questions on Kinky Mia‘s “The Fellatio Project.” I will continue to answer the other questions at a later date.

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