Dark & Twisted [#audiomo NSFW]

What kind of things, humans do you consider “dark and twisted” and why?‎  Razor



Dark & twisted isn’t always a bad thing, however when it goes against society’s norms then it becomes a problem. Like incest between non-consenting individuals i.e parent & child to me is extreme dark & twisted. Albert Fish is another example of extreme dark & twisted. Put aside his history of mental illness, it might be difficult to separate the behaviors, however soaking wool in lighter fluid & inserting that into his anus, then setting it on fire is to me in my opinion is extreme “dark & twisted.”

There are other sexual activities that are dark & twisted to some, however most I do not not consider in that way.  Some of behaviors of people like extreme stalking whether online or IRL is dark & twisted to me. I think to that some individual have distorted thinking which may cause the dark & twisted behaviors. And I think depending on how someone was brought up as a child has a lot to do with this.

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Mind Games

Define “mind games”. What do you understand with these 2 words and why ?‎ Razor

Mind Games..Mind Fucks..are games people play with each other. I am ashamed to admit that I enjoy a good mind game with a worthy opponent. There are not many men (and women) who I play with anymore, so out of the habit of doing some behaviors. I’m out of practice.

I will add like the other post, that I answered this question based on my relationships with men that have come into my life. I am not a psychopath or sociopath, possibly some anti-social personality disorder tendencies, however nothing that would deem me dangerous. *evil laughter*

This is another dark & twisted part of SassyCat’s personality. I know who I am and sometimes that scares me just a little bit.

Emotional or Physical Pain? [#audiomo]

femdomI am answering some questions that I have received via ask.fm. This is the dark & twisted side of SassyCat and her #audiomo.

Do you enjoy inflicting either emotional or physical pain onto others ? Why / why not ?‎ Razor

I would say emotional pain, only because those scars last longer than physical ones. Sure, I can inflict physical pain to an individual if they ask me. And yes I would enjoy that just as much as the emotional infliction.

Even though there are times that I will manipulate others, I am NOT a true sadist nor do I have sadistic personality disorder.elise11

I wanna say that this behavior does NOT include my children in any way. I answered this question based on relationships with grown adults, mostly men.

Let me remind you that this is a very dark side of Cat, that is only brought out by specific, certain men (& women) at times. NOT every person I come in contact with or develop a relationship with do I practice this behavior. Mostly men, who want something for nothing or who know just how to push the right buttons. There are just some men, that I get off on inflicting emotional pain.

Prostitutes [#AudioMo – D1]

What is your opinion on prostitutes, women who have sex for money ? Do you consider them inferior to those with other professions ? Do you judge them for what they do ? Why / why not ?‎  Razor

I will probably hear some harsh feedback from some women on my statement. However, it’s my opinion.

And you know what they say about opinions *wink*

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Answering some More Questions


Thanks to Leigh on ask.fm I have a few more questions to answer. Sorry it took me so long to do them, but here they are. I used eevzdrop app to record my answers.

You can listen to the answers here. OR you can just read below.

What questions here have you skipped over because they are too hard for you to handle?‎ The ones that ask about the future, like where do I think I’ll be in 5 years or some of the ones that have to do with politics, sports or things that don’t interest me.

If you could change one law of your country, what would it be?‎ The death penalty would be enforced across the United States. There would be no appeals, no sitting on death row for 20 years. If you’re found guilty you die on a set date, after you have made the proper arrangements for you remains, said goodbye to family, etc. The End.

What was your reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing? Do you think it was a staged event, & the suspect was framed in order for the US government to impose laws onto their citizens? Or do you believe the bombing was a genuine attack & the suspect is guilty? It’s not an impossible thought that the government could have been behind this event. I really have no opinion on this event.

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