French Fries

I love French Fries.

I love them with ketchup and sometimes I eat them without.

I love the crinkled, the steak and the regular fries and of course American. But I don’t like the waffles fries. I like cheesy fries, but not “the with everything” fries.

Sometimes I dip my fries and sometimes I drown my fries. I don’t like my fries with ranch, mayo or anything odd like those things. Just pass the ketchup.



What are My Strengths? [BFMH]

So what are my character strengths? It’s always difficult to answer these type of questions. I got help with this and took a very intense questionnaire to get the following results. Starting with my top strength, the following are my top 5.

  1.  Humor & Playfulness – Like to laugh and tease, bringing smiles to those that are important. I try to see the lighter side of the situation.  Not sure if this is correct because I don’t always look at the lighter side of intense situations not when it involves me. However, yes, for those in my inner circle I will try to make them laugh because it’s a way for me to cope with the situation and to cope with the fact that my loved one suffering whether emotional, physical or spiritual, etc.
  2.  Judgement, Critical Thinking and Open-Mindedness – Thinking things through and examining it from all sides are important aspects of who I am. I don’t jump to conclusions and I rely on solid evidence to make my decisions. Yes, this is true. I need the facts, just the facts to make my decision about an important situation. I need as much information as I can get and process. However, when I hear the word “judgement”, I think of judging others. Most of my close friends tell me I judge harshly. I try not too, but if someone is making a decision and I have already told them it’s bad, then I judge. Rolling my eyes at them, go help them if they try to share their shit with me after the damage has been done.
  3.  Capability to Love and Be Loved – I value close relations with others, those in which sharing & caring are reciprocated. The people I feel closest to are those people who feel closest to me. True. I ask myself a lot what is love because there are times I feel numb. I doubt that the feelings I have felt for others is love, friendship. However, I will not tolerate a one-sided relationship of any kind. I will end it if I feel I am giving of myself (too much) and getting nothing in return. I may not contact my close friend daily  but when they reach out, I am always there for them.sassycat3000, latina, mental health, emotional, moody, black and white brunette, depressed
  4.  Social Intelligence – I am aware of the motives & the feelings of other people. I know what to do to fit into different social settings and I know what to do to put others at ease. Yeah, this is true. However, I can go deep into this topic. First thing that came to me, is that I want to fit in and belong to a group. When I don’t get that right away I find it challenging to make it a goal to fit in. Once I get into the group, I tend break from that mold they want their members to fit into and get pushed back out of the group. But by then I no longer am interested in being part of that group. Two; I always say “there is a motive for every human action.” I want to know what’s pushing them to do what they do. Most of the time I can feel what my close friends are feeling, I try to turn the tables so they can then see it from the other side. However, most of the time I can’t do this for myself. I need someone to turn the table for me.
  5.  Honest, Authenticity and Genuineness – I am an honest person. Not only by speaking, but by living an authentic & genuine life. I am down to earth and without pretense. I am a “real” person. I would disagree with this one. I am honest with it benefits me. I can be brutally honest to where I unintentionally hurt the other persons feelings.  I do not live a truthful, authentic life. I did once upon a time, now I’m lying to myself and others.

Mexican [AtoZChallenge]

“You’re Mexican aren’t you?”

“Where are ya’ll from? You don’t sound Mexican.”

“You don’t talk like Mexican.”

“Do you speak Mexican?”

Those are just a few questions that I have been asked in my lifetime. Just last week while in my local watering hole I was asked about my cousin. First the guy asked “you two are cousins, right?” As if he needed to verify this fact. He continues to ask me “How are you two related? She’s got a different last name.” I thought to myself “So what? Is that proof that we are not related or something?”

He went on “How did she get the last name of Taylor?” I think I rolled my eyes at him. I really wanted to punch him just for being stupid. The clincher was when he looked me in the face and said “If you’re Mexican how come she doesn’t look Mexican?”

For fuck sake. “Well, her mom married a WHITE dude with the last name of Taylor!!!” My cousin pops into the conversation and says “she’s 100% Mexican and I’m only half.”

Good grief. This is just one example of being Mexican.

M is for mexican[in the photo above starting at the left moving to the right; Dulce de Calabaza (Mexican Pumpkin Candy. It’s more like glazed soft pumpkin.

Next photo I grabbed from Huffington Post with sayings that are in Spanish that other nationalities say. I have yet to hear a Mexican say any of them.

At work there was a little old white guy who had to share that he drove by a auto shop that had this word painted on their sign and he wanted to know what it meant. (Pinche mufflers!)

Next photo is steak tacos with cilantro & onions.

All Mexican drink Tequila right?! Of course we do…not Jose either *gag* it’s PATRON Silver Baby! Try some Rum Chata with a splash of Pardon XO and that is some good shit. OR Rum Chata with a splash of Frangelico.

Middle photo is all about those Mexican candles that have a saint or Jesus on it and on the back side of the candle is a prayer to say in addition to your request. Mexicans tend to be suspicious and religious, world of counter dictations.

Tamales. Homemade. Time-consuming and always at Christmas. It’s basically marinated pork inside corn dough wrapped in a corn husk. It’s a tradition. And my childhood memories are filled with tamales at Christmas.

Olbeas con cajeta is my favorite Mexican candy. It’s goat milk caramel between two paper-thin wafers. The wafers always remind me of the catholic communion host wafers.

Another photos of Tamales ready to be eaten (by me!)

“Corn in a cup” used to be just an ear of corn on a stick, like at the carnivals. You can only  get this yummy treat from a street vender. When in Mexican any time I saw the Elote Man I begged my grandfather for money to get elote! Cause I love corn.  Only the Mexican version is boiled ears of corn where the kernels are plump with juice. There are different varieties to this item, but I’m used to mayonnaise, powered chili, butter, and cheese and lime. I eat mine without the mayo (yuk) and no cheese. and that’s what’s in the cup.

You can see the vendor preparing the corn.

“El Chapo” because Mexicans are all drug dealers (and lawn care workers). LOL.

More Tequila. See, we all drink Tequila (NOT!)]


mexican food

MWhen some people find out I speak Spanish they ask for translations. NO. You had an opportunity like I did to take Spanish in high school. No. I’m not translating. Pay me. I remember my father & mother would have to translate for the non-English speaking people who needed help. My dad would get calls in the middle of the night for translating. Finally they both said no, they were finished doing it. Then it came down to Union involvement and a few bucks of extra pay. I just lie and say NOPE I don’t speak Spanish. Then my boss hears me, I used Rosetta Stone! LOL. I’m a shit, I know. But I’ve experienced previous employers not wanting to pay me for my time but they have to pay a translator to come in to do it.  I figure it’s not worth my aggravation.

mexican alter

This is my alter (day of the dead) that is up all year long. With my grandfathers photo.

I was raised by my father, typical Mexican male. However, he taught me that life is cruel. Twice as difficult for me because I’m a woman and a minority. I was taught to speak English first and Spanish second. I was raised that even Mexicans are discriminative to their own. There is a difference between the migrant workers to the illegals and we didn’t socialize too much. I had to attend private school as did my parents. I did teach my children, who are half Mexican to speak Spanish and about the culture as much as I could. I have one major regret…is when I traveled to Mexico with my grandparents every summer from 1973-1982 then again in 1990-1993.  I regret not listening to my grandfather sharing the history of his life and the history of our culture. I just remember bits & pieces. Nowadays I often tease my mother and children with my Spanglish and Mexican humor. Now that I am older I miss the old traditions that I hated when I was younger.


Day 11 – Talk about your siblings

Brothers & Sisters

This post is easy, because I don’t have any.

I am an only child.

Woohoo!!! I didn’t have to share my toys and still don’t share. BUT I couldn’t blame broken stuff on anyone but me. It’s a good balance.


Favorite Food

Day 9 – What is your favorite food? When did you first eat it? Why is it so delicious?

Some of my favorite foods.

I am a picky eater. A meal I will always order when I can’t decide on anything else is a hamburger and fries. I prefer the crinkle or steak fries. No cheese on that burger, sometimes I’ll have sweet onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard on my burger. Lots of ketchup with my fries.

I love Italian beef, fries or sometimes fried mushrooms from one of my favorite greasy spoon dives.

I love pot roast with carrot, cabbage and potatoes.

I’ll eat pizza. Fried chicken.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy. Recently I’ll been on on a sour gummie worm kick. I’ve been eating wayyyyyyy too many of them. Also Brach’s malted milk balls. I love Dove chocolate, Brach chocolate, but not too many of the other candy bars like I used to. The chocolate doesn’t taste the way it used to.

I love strawberries, watermelon and pineapple. Those are my favorite fruits and flavors.

Love ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, hot fudge. I can eat hot fudge straight out of the jar on a spoon. Sometimes I keep it around when I’m having a chocolate craving.

Above are a few photos of some of my favorite foods. Answering the question for day 9 in the 30 day writing challenge.

Quotes I Love

Day 4 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Four Quotes I Love

  1. “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” – Clarence. It’s a Wonderful Life.
  2. “All things truly wicked start from innocence.” – Ernest Hemingway
  3. “Smile. Listen. Agree. And then do whatever the fuck you want to do anyway.” – Robert Downey Jr
  4. “Best way to not to get your heart broken is to pretend you don’t have one.” – Charlie Sheen


I’m sure there are more quotes that I like, but those are just a few of them.

Favorite Book

Day 3 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

What is your favorite book and why?

I don’t have a favorite book. When I was little there a book that I could read over and over. It’s called “The Littlest Angel” is a children’s story written in 1946 by Charles Tazewell. I don’t know why I liked it, I just did. 

In adulthood I’ve not been one to read a lot of books from cover to cover. I do enjoy flipping through self-help books. Topics about birth order, personalities, relationships are just a few that interest me. There are many more topics. 

I do have a book wish list if you’re wanting to help me with reading more.

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