I know I wrote about quitting last year.

Quitting blogging, if so and when?

I know this year has been pretty dry on my postings. I neglected everything. I have tons of material to write about, just finding the time to get it all done. But I’m still not ready to quit. I think habits are very difficult to quit. Hobbies tend to be easier to quit, that’s just my opinion. One habit I know that is difficult for most people who start to quit…is smoking.

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I did try that new fad or trend of adult coloring books.

I have tons of colored pencils, even before I had the adult coloring books.

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and the other “p” item I took a photo of is the popcorn machine at my dive bar. I don’t know what it is about the popcorn there that tastes so yummy. I do love POPCORN!

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The definition of Nyctophilia is the love of darkness or night or feeling like you belong in the dark. This usually applies to those who often feel sadness. .

There are times when I feel the darkness. It’s my darkness though, I do love the night. But there is also a part of me that likes to be inside before the light of day. There is a certain time during the night that scares me.

I love the lights, the beat of the night, the night sky. The peacefulness of the night-time is soothing.

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She works hard for the Money

I always wanted to be a bartender, but the work that goes with that just didn’t appeal to me. I will admit to doing some of it when I was younger for a day or too … strictly for the cash.

My dive bar has a reputation for having a difficult time keeping regular bartenders. Some go and never come back while others go and return months later. I have seen a few come back and work only to be fired again or to quit after a few days.

There is one cute little bartender that has returned, she’s cute, perky and full of that sparkle of life. I like her, she’s a good bartender verses the older guy who stands there like a bump on a log. When you’re working for tips, you need to be “on it.” I don’t see this new guy lasting long, too many patrons will start to complain more and more that they wait to long for their poison.

If you are served by a good attentive bartender, please remember to give them a good tip. They’re working hard for their money.


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The Joint’s Jumpin’ Jukebox

In the dive bar there is a jukebox (Touchtunes, of course). The owner or bartenders will give a few bucks to a patron who wants to play the jukebox if the joint is too quiet. Charlie would always play some of the best tunes to drink too. There are a few others who play some old tunes from “Back Stabbers” by The O’Jays to “Stuck in the Middle” by Stealers Wheel to some James Taylor to some of todays pop hits. It really varies but there is seldom any rap or hip hop tunes played. Sometimes there is some country or Latino pop played which is all very good.

If you are not aware of it, there is an app so that a person can play Touchtunes without ever having to leave their bar stool. You can find your location and add your money and play all the songs you want from the comfort of your smartphone. Hell you can even connect it to your Spotify account for your playlists.

I seldom play the jukebox because Charlie always did it. Oh something I forgot to mention about the joints jukebox is that it’s also used to relay messages to others in the bar. Like once when I was there with someone who wasn’t Charlie, one of his crew played “Me & Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. Then there was another song that was played when I was drunk and hanging out with Mr. Sam. “Never been any Reason” by Head East was played, I was a bit buzzed and I seductively danced to where Mr. Sam was standing. Now, it was kind of labeled as our song for a short time.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to some good tunes when they’re out drinking and having a good time.

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