Being A Gentleman

What is your idea of a gentleman?

Well, I think that this jpeg says a lot. To me, a gentleman is someone who has manners, educated, always puts others first, including his lady. He is responsible, dependable and can carry a conversation about daily events without sounding like an idiot. He knows when to speak and when to listen. He has good friends, because he is respectful & loyal. He loves & respects his parents. He doesn’t speak poorly of women in general. He doesn’t “kiss & tell.” He is considerate, diplomatic. He knows when to stay and when to go. Respects himself.


 How can you know, if a male is a gentleman or not?

You can tell by his actions if he’s a gentleman or not. Does he open the door for you or others? Is he considerate of those around him? Does he ask you if you need anything from the kitchen when he gets up to get something? A gentleman is respectful of himself, not having too many hardcore destructible vices such as drinking or drugs. He will love & respect his mother, by doing what she asks, not yelling at her, not being mean in any form. Actions…actions speak very should have to be willing to hear.

Does it have anything to do with being gentle?‎

No, it doesn’t. Always encourage men to act/behave like gentlemen. When he opens the car door for you take the opportunity to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Encouragement of more to come. Always find a moment to “reward” him for good behavior, that you want more of. And always act deserving of such treatment..act like a lady.

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