The Banning of “Blurred Lines”

I was listening to an audio by Claire Ryan called “Banning Robin Thick’s Blurred Lines” in

which she discusses an article written by . I went on to Google this, because she suggested reading up on it. I found this article on called “British Students Ban “Blurred Lines” from Their own Universities.”
This podcast is merely my opinion on the whole banning the song. I listened to the lyrics, I don’t get where there is any indication of a potential rape in the song. Maybe I’m getting too old for this type of music. However, I do notice a trend in the young girls of today. I am feeling a bit numb to the whole issue of sex & women. I noticed on Reality TV, how some women act, dress and conduct themselves. That worries me, along with the way they interact with men. Maybe this is all for show, however it does make me wonder how both sexes truly behave in the nightclubs. I think the banning of one song is pointless. If one song is banned now, due to indication of rape, etc. What about other songs? Who decides this? Is this the future of those universities, that they will be monitoring music and other items that goes against what they believe or stand for?



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