Balance at the Boat Launch [WW91]

He text me to let me know he wanted to met me again.
I told him I had to work late at the office. He reminded me of the appointment he had so it worked out perfect. We met up at the boat launch.

He said “We can go over in the woods or over in the parking lot, pick!?

I like being his fantasy and his fun-time. I let him pick. We got out of my car, walked down the bike path a bit. Looking for a clearing in the brush. We both spotted a perfect little spot. It was a wooded area between the walking path and the river next to the boat launch. The land formed a wooded cliff. There were lots of trees, small bushes, rocks on the cliff. The land was so unstable and soft from earlier rain storms.

He unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.  I had to work for this hard-on.  He had to keep watch. It was a nice day so many  people walking and riding bikes by us. I was sucking his cock for what seemed like forever. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pushing my head onto his cock. I looked past him, while I’m sucking hard on his cock. I see a jogger running past us on the path. We are hopefully hidden by some of the brush. He thrust his cock into my mouth, so hard, to keep me from moving. I did gag that time.

We were both standing up at this point, trying not to fall over on the slighted hill we were on. I was so afraid that if I lost my balance I would end up falling into the river. Holding my balance in heels isn’t easy. I still was wearing my heels from work. On one side of us was the walking path. On the other side of us was the river. He pulled me down a bit closer to the water. Because we were still a bit to close to the walking path. People could possibly see us.  We  passionately kissed for a while. I stroked his cock.  He said “sexy walking shoes by the way.” We kissed some more. He wasn’t getting as hard as I wanted him to. I figured I would pull out the last trick of the “dirty talk.” 

I want you to fuck me, baby. Fill my pussy with your hot cum.”

He started kissing me more intensely.

He asked “Do you want me? Fucking you hard?

Yes baby. Yes! I do. I need it. I need it from you.”

He pushed me over.  I am holding onto a tree branch again trying to keep my balance and not to fall into the river. I wasn’t wearing any panties, which made it easier. Not to mention sexy & slutty. He lifted my denim mini, slamming his hard cock into me. He grabbed onto of my blouse, pulling it, pulling my skirt, to pull me back onto his cock. It didn’t take long before he came. But not before he told me to be quiet. I was getting too loud. He finished cumming in me.  As I stood up, I saw some of his cum dripping out of me. I smiled. He smacked my ass and gave me that mischievous smile that I love so well.

We walked up the hill.  I tried not to lose my balance walking back up with the heels on. It had been much easier walking to the spot than it was leaving the spot.  We walked away with smiles on our faces.

He said “we need to catch up to our once a week thing.

I said “yes, I know.” I got into my car and drove, hearing him say “be careful.”

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