Bad Bad Kitty

I have been a member of a social network site that I had joined before starting my blog. It was or should I say is, a really cool site. Well, the concept is really unique anyway.

I was recently cleaning out some folders on my hard drive. Found a list of sites that I have or had belonged to and this site was there. I decided to log on. WOWZERS. I got hit with messages right away.

Being bored, which is not always good. Not for me, because those close to me, especially the men in my life. They know that when I get bored I’m like a cat with a mouse. I will play with the mouse, bringing it close to death. Releasing it from Grimm and playing with it some more. I will continue this with my “mouse” until I am no longer amused by it. Then I will leave it to die, walk away onto the next mouse.

I know I should be ashamed. I’m not.

I can easily play with these guys, kick them to the curb without investing anything.  I can “push” their limits to find their breaking points. I will find temporary pleasure in my toying with these men. What really causes me to behave in this way towards them, is that those men, do not read my profile information. They don’t find out about my likes or dislikes, am I married? Lesbian? In a relationship? What do I write about?

I will be nice – always – but I will fuck with you if you start asking about how deep my belly button is. Do I have kik? We, all know that’s used for sexting. What color are your panties?

“Oh look honey, i’m not wearing any!”

How about the man who wants to meet for coffee?! LOL. “Having coffee is for amateurs & grandmas.” No. Seriously, if he had posted a decent profile photo, along with something written about who is his. If I wasn’t married, looking for taking a chance on a creepoid. I might toss it around in my mind for like 5 seconds before I before no. Another issue I have, more like a pet peeve. Is when men can’t spell. Unless I know their educational background, etc. I can’t stand it. I know, at times my spelling sucks. My grammar, punctuation is bad. My excuse – laziness. A man who starts out talking about how much he likes to lick pussy, gets treated like something on the bottom of my shoe.

I take brief pleasure in being abusive to these men. I don’t know the percentage that don’t return for more, however I continue to play with the mouse.


I know these men on this site are lonely, wanting cyber sex, someone, anyone to fulfill their fantasies. Pay me. LOL. Some of these men. OMG! OH how about the one who wanted to talk about cutting my hair. He gets off on hair cutting. I asked him “what do you do with the hair?” He answered about keeping a long braid. I would just keep asking him questions after every statement he made to me. He eventually stopped chatting with me.

This is stuff that amuses me. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s part of human sexuality.

I got a 8 in cock I would love to put inside u

having an 8 inch cock doesn’t impress me. It’s what you can do with it and other parts of your body. otherwise, i’m unimpressed. it’s a shame when a man has a long cock but knows nothing about a women’s body or how to use what he was given at birth. ya know?

I become one of those “mean girls.” I will say that if a man approaches me, jumps the huddles. My loyalty will be his. I won’t ever leave.  Bottom line if you bore me more than I already am, you don’t stand a chance.

photo credit: Luke Hayfield Photography via photopin cc

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