Back to the Past

Today my Activities Director asked me about getting some bus tickets. The entertainment for next month’s birthday party is asking for payment in some bus tickets, which is less than $50. She wanted me to walk over to the bus terminal with her to purchase the tickets.

Now, this would be no problem except I used to work at the bus terminal. I HATE that company, its evil in the purest form. I felt my heart start to pound inside my chest and the anxiety building. The thought of walking into that building after the fucking hassle they gave me and the under handed bullshit politics and the union that ain’t worth the name of “union.” I was getting sick to my stomach. I was sitting waiting for my co-worker to come back from the office, because she had forgotten the cash.

I looked up and took a photo of the building. She walks out and says “why don’t you do photography, since you are always taking photos?” I laughed and said “come on let’s get this over with.” We walked the 3 blocks and I saw a few of the guys that I used to know, they did double takes as if to make sure it was really me they were looking at. We got in the building and went up to the office and at the desk I saw my old friend at the receptionist desk. I didn’t speak loudly, just motioned “call me.” Then a supervisor came around through the hallway and stared at me, but was distracted by the maintenance guy with some boxes. We quickly turned and walked out the door and as I left I looked in the reflection of the door and could see the supervisor looking as if to make sure that it was me.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I just don’t want to do that again!

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