This past April was the first time I attempted to complete the “A to Z Blog Challenge.” I have to apologize to those blogs that I regularly follow, somewhere I lost my ability to comment on those blogs that I read. For some reason, I developed a mental block, when it came to leaving comments. I would read someone’s blog post and reread it again. Unable to come up with something to write down. I would second guess myself. I would type something, read it and then think of a reason to delete it.

I’m not sure that I will attempt it next year. Never has a challenge been so difficult for me. I was drained. I even stayed out of my office for a few days. I didn’t do any blogging, even though I had plenty of stuff to complete. Now, it’s almost the end of May. My next challenge is one of my favorites. Why? Because it’s super easy to do. All that is required is to record an audio (mp3, wav, mp4) and upload it, post it & tag #audiomo.

Thanks to Ernmander (the creator of Audiomo) he will be continuing this challenge once again this June (2014). It started a few years back. Any one can use any audio platform to upload their daily clips.  Some examples of audio platforms are audioboo, voicebo, melt, soundcloud, mixlr, spreaker, eevzdrop, chirbit, ipadio, yappie and even your own blog with audio. All you need to do is tag your audio clip with this hashtag – #audiomo 

Always. Always. Tag your clip. Why?! So everyone & anyone who is also participating in Audiomo can find you & listen.

I would recommend having a twitter account. Tweeting your daily audio to Twitter so that the @audiomo account can find you.

The best part is that there is no specific theme for audiomo. It’s whatever you want to record & share. Could be running water, singing in the shower, the sound of your orgasm, children playing in the park. Upload a debate about a topic you’re passionate about, you get the idea, right?!

This challenge is wonderful for those people who are curious about recording audio but are shy, uncertain and just plain nervous about recording their voice. A perfect challenge for the beginner, the newbie to recording audio. My first piece of advice is to download an app you are interested in. Second thing is do not listen to yourself after you record it. Just hit the “publish or upload” button. Because if you listen to it first, you will find some reason to delete it. If you don’t like the app you’re using, try a different one. Also, give yourself a few chances before you decide anything serious. Do a brief introduction, briefly talk about who you are. Keep in mind, that some audio recording apps have 60 seconds, others have 10 minutes and others give even more time. If you’re just starting out, I would recommend keeping it 5 minutes or less.

If you are nervous about recording your voice for the first time, think of your best friend or someone who you can talk to easily. Picture them in front of you and start talking to them. Tell that person about your day, what made you angry or sad, etc.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few questions to answer for #audiomo

  1. How did you hear about #audiomo?
  2. What audio platform are you using to share your audio or what app are you using for your audiomo?
  3. Share one thing that’s different about you from everyone else
  4. Tell me about one chore that you hate doing?
  5. What is the oldest piece clothing in your closet? Why is it still there?
  6. Share your favorite hobby
  7. Share a family tradition

Need more? Contact me directly. Good Luck with your daily #audiomo!

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