Apartment 12 [MM8]

Yesterday he wanted to get together but I had said that I couldn’t do that. We decided on today after he finished with work.

There was an apartment that was in the process of getting cleaned out due to an eviction.  He texts me to let me know that he is getting off an hour early.  I grabbed the keys to the apartment from the key locker and began closing up the properties office. I also scrambled to get myself together.

I need the address again and how long ya gonna be?

It’s 1192 Simpson Square. Apt 12. Closing up the office now and in 10 minutes.

I drove to the apartment complex, parked in the alley. I thought if anyone asks me anything I will just say I am showing the apartment to this0017r04g man. Oh! Why worry?! None of their business anyway! Relax. Calm down. I had been mentally getting myself worked up. I was excited at the idea that we would be having sex in someone else’s place. The cleaners had been scheduled to come and clean it out. I was hoping that the apartment wasn’t too disgusting.

I really wanted him to fuck me standing up, against the wall. I was imagining him pinning against the wall, holding one leg up with his hand as his rock hard cock thrusts into my hungry pussy. Or maybe he’ll turn me around and fuck me from behind as he has me pinned against the wall.

I unlocked the apartment door, look around and it’s just a mess. The cleaners hadn’t been there yet. There was an apartment full of furniture and just stuff. I’m getting nervous waiting for him then I hear the rumble of his motorcycle. I think “Great!!”  He walks in, looks around “Damn, can’t believe they left all their furniture. They trashed this place. What lazy bastards! So they didn’t pay the rent?” I said “Yeah, she was a single mom, lost her job and got pissed when we told her about the eviction notice. The bad thing is she was someone I knew, she thought I could pull some strings for her. I told her I couldn’t.”

“She was clean, then? Just couldn’t pay the rent, huh?’


He walks down the hall, finds the futon in the back bedroom. He puts his foot on the frame and pushes it a bit. He sits down on it, begins unzips his pants. I unzip my shorts. I decided not wearing panties today. Just to make it easier. One less item of clothing to take off & put on.

He lays back on the futon. I laid down next to him. His cock is already swollen, I began to suck his aching bulge. His shaft is long and thin, a perfect fit inside my mouth. His hardness reaches the edge of my throat making me gag just a little. I swallow & catch my breath. My mouth and throat tighten up around his hot flesh. His hands on my head pushing me down on his manhood.  I sucked faster, my hands reach up his t-shirt to tease and tugging gently on his nipples. He unfastens my bra, off come our tops. I laid on him a bit, kissing and biting. He pushes me over slightly, his fingertips glide across my smooth skin towards the heat between my legs. His fingertips sliding slowly searching. I close my eyes, tilting my head back riding the waves of pleasure. I feel his eyes watching me as his fingertips continue to search and tease me. My body moving in response to his fingers that are inside me. His fingers thrusting in & out of me, teasing me. I want him. I just want to push him on his back, but no. Patience. I could feel my juices flowing. I needed to feel him inside me, can’t wait any longer.

I look at him, whispering to him “fuck me please.”

He whispered back,  “How do you want it?”

He kisses me some more, once again he thrusts in his fingers into me. I think he was enjoying watching my body buck. I bit into his shoulder trying to muffle my noises as I have another orgasm.

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He stands up , asking me again.

“How do you wanna be fucked?”

I didn’t move nor did I say a word in response to his question. He pushes my legs up over his shoulders, impaling me with his throbbing cock. His head turns to kiss my leg, rubbing his face on my calf. He thrusts deep in to me again and again. With each thrust I squeeze his straining shaft tightly then releasing him. We look into each others eyes watching each other approaching our ultimate joy. He pushes down to kiss me some more. My body starts to quiver under him as I reach my climax, he continues slamming me until he exploded his white-hot cream into me. Being still for a moment or two, he gets up to start cleaning off. We quickly get dressed. There are no cuddling or emotions. He kissed me as he was walking out of the door. I waited for him to ride away.  I locked up the unit, leaving the apartment complex with a huge smile on my face.

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