Accuflora [Review]

Accurflora is a probiotic supplement that can be taken up to twice a day for a 12 hour support. Accurflora contains 5 beneficial stains of probiotics, which is listed on the information pamphlet [See Photo A] It’s the good bacteria that is found in yogurt. It is made to provide an internal balance to your digestive system after you’ve eaten fast food or dairy products.

Accuflora is made is the USA and distributed by the Church & Dwight company. This company also distributes other products such as Arm & Hammer, First Response, Oxi Clean and Trojan. Did I mention Church & Dwight also distributes the Spin Brush?

The things I DID like about Accuflora:

  • Was that within 24 hours I noticed a deceased in stomach bloating. This even was during my menstrual cycle. The relief of my discomfort is a major plus for this product.
  • I did notice a sense of regularity after 48 hours of using accuflora.
  • The caplets were easy to swallow. I didn’t notice any bitter or medication like taste.

The things I DID NOT about Accuflora:

  • That the statement “accuflora contains a blend of 5 beneficial strains of live active cultures to help support digestive health.” Followed by the list of the 5 live cultures have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
  • I noticed an increase of my Acid Reflux. I can’t say with certainty that was due to this product, however when I didn’t take the second pill in the evening (after dinner) I didn’t have any problems.
  • After the 14 day challenge I really didn’t notice any difference besides the decrease in bloating.


I did take the 14 day challenge. I started with two caplets twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings. I didn’t notice any stomach upset. It was pretty basic & simple. It is recommended that this product be kept refrigerated after opening for best results. I wonder about the expiration date and it’s effect on the product. The product does contain some milk. Would it lose it’s potency the longer it sits on the shelf? I wonder should it have a “Best Used By” label as well as an expiration date.

I would take this more often due to my digestive imbalance due to stress and aging. As a professional CDL driver, I tend to be under stress a lot due to driving, trying to prevent accidents, time schedules, etc. I eat fast food, mostly on the run, while driving. This product is a great addition to my daily supplemental intake. I did find that this product is only available in certain stores (in my area) such as Target and CVS. The average cost is around $10 for 60 caplets. Target does offer a cheaper price for an online purchase. Not sure I would continue to buy this product just due to it’s an added monthly expense, however I will consider taking it during my menstrual cycle only because it works (for me) far better for bloating than the standard medication such as Midol or Pamprin.


[I received this product complimentary from Smiley360 for testing purposes. The opinion above is 100% mine.]


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