This website/blog belongs me,  aka “SassyCat” or “KittyCat.” My name is Catherine Martinique (Not my real name of course). My friends call me Cat. This is a place where the random thoughts that are floating around in my head get put down somewhere, so that I can walk away from it. Otherwise the thoughts will continue to plague me and float and crush into each other in my head, clogging my thinking process. This site contains adult content. You can also check out my “About.Me” page or email me at


The Basics

Ethnicity – 100% Mexican

Brown Hair & Brown Eyes

Age – “Old enough to know better, too young to care.”

Sign – Taurus

City – Located outside Chicago, Illinois. Northern Illinois. USA

Sexual Preference – Straight. However if the women is hot and the setting/scene is just right I’d probably make out with her. Just not my strong preference.

Smoke – NO. Smoke causes migraines

Drink – Yes. I do socially. Rum. Vodka. Southern Comfort with OJ. Shots of Rum Chata, Cherry Bombs.

Martial Status – Married

Occupation – Driver

Pets – None currently. Love dogs. Allergic to most animals, including dogs.

Favorite Foods – Candy, that includes chocolate. Junk food. Sweets. Pizza. Burgers. Tacos. Pot Roast.

Vehicles – Crown Victoria. GMC Truck.  Harley Davidson Fat Boy & Sportster

Read more about Sassy Cat in the “More About Me” category.

The ABC’s of Sassy Cat

AAnimated, I move around a lot. Talk with my hands, make faces and walk while talking. Accidents; have been in a few bad ones, worst being the motorcycle accident on 5/29/04. Audio, I mentioned below how I love recording audio, doing podcasts because it is so much easier for me to hit the record button than to type it all out. I eventually plan on recording some audio for purchase. If you have any requests for personalized audio, contact me.

BBonkers at times when left unattended. Blogging, I love it. I do both written & audio blogging. Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness that I often write about. It’s not always positive, it’s dark and full of trigger warnings. However, I want to show what it looks like, how I am learning to cope with this illness. I also continue to write for the no longer in existence – Blog for Mental Health.

C – I have been told by “Old Man” that I am cat-like in nature, meaning I act like a cat. Cousins, have tons and close to much of them. Children are B-30, G-26, B-23. I am careful, careless and lack control.

D Determined & Dependable. Also known as “Dogette.” I was given the name by one D. Hines because he said “you are a female version of us men when we act like “dawgs.”

EEager, to learn new things. Email:

FFlirt, yes I love doing it.  Sometimes, I forget & carry it a bit too far. Funny, I love making people laugh and laughing with funny people.

GGod fearing & God loving christian. I will add this, in the last few years, I have since lost my faith. I’m angry with God, I’m ok with it.  Guys, I tend to always have more guy friends than girls. I am also known as “Gma” to one little boy named “Pokas”

HHyper. Halloween, I love everything about the holiday. Happily married to “My Beloved” and will continue to stay married to him. Harley Davidson, I miss my HD 1200 Sporty. I’ve owned three Harleys since I started riding back in 1998. Halloween is my favorite holiday. High heels, I collect ’em and model ’em. I recently was given another Harley for my birthday in 2013.

IInsecure at times and impulsive. I act without thinking through to the end result. Impatient, I can’t wait, especially for people.  Illinois, the northern part is where I currently live, just 90 miles outside of Chicago.

A view from The Willis Tower. Lake Michigan

A view from The Willis Tower. Lake Michigan

JJunkie, I am addicted to the internet, Mt. Dew, chocolate and a few other things (NO nothing illegal)

KKinky? Ya think? Maybe.

LLeft handed. Legs, I enjoy showing them off. Leather, I love the smell & feel of it.

MMexican. Married. Mom. Yup I am.

NNatural. I like the natural look most of the time. I can also be Naughty when I want to be.

OOnly Child, does that mean I am spoiled? Not sure. Very outspoken and again out of control at times.

PPessimistic. I don’t mean to be sometimes it just happens. “People Watching” is my favorite past time/hobby. I have started writing Product Reviews on my blog. Podcasts, I love recording audio, so much easier than typing everything. I started doing audio in 2009 on (which as long been removed from the internet). Below are just a few places one can listen to my random thoughts. Some of the places I haven’t been in years.

QQuiet, at first until I get to know a person.

RRebellious, always have been. Restless, I get this way every few months, like a caged animal in a Zoo.

SSelfish, I am an only child remember?! SassyCat…that’s ME, my nickname and screen name.  Snow storms that shut down cities are better than sunsets, to me anyway. I love fresh white snow. Former “shoe model”…I only do it now for a few of “my men.”

My "Sassy Cat" tattoo

My “Sassy Cat” tattoo

TThrifty, I enjoy saving money. I love thrift stores.

UUnforgiving, yes I can be, I not to be..keep working on this defect.

VVolunteer, I used to do it alot. Not so much anymore. Voices, yes I am them. Sometimes they come out and will make you laugh. I can do a few accents of voices, country & cockney are the best I do.

WWhy? I always ask the question and need to know an answer. 100% woman.

XXanax, was the first thing to *pop* into my head.

Y – Young at heart. I sometimes act like a little kid and forget how old I really am.

ZZodiac Sign is Taurus.

I believe in Passion BUT not true love.
I will love you & I will push you away, cause I don’t want you too close. If you cant take me at my worst, then you don’t deserve my best.