A Special Thank You

I have a donate button on my website. I added it for anyone who feels compelled to donate funds to my website. Recently I received a notification stating that I had received a donation. 

Captain America I’m writing this special THANK YOU. 

A Thank You to Ted S. for his gracious donation. I sent Ted an email letting him know how much I appreciated his donation. I had considered the idea of ending my blog (at the end of the year). I won’t be doing that now. I hope he won’t mind me using a few of his statements. 

I always like to support artists, whose work I enjoy and admire. We all have our favorite bloggers … It’s not just the content, but something about the person behind the blog who touches us in some way…the sexual arousal is one of the key factors…it’s creativity, and the emotional touch makes the difference.” – email from Ted S.

His email means so much to me. I have it saved so when I’m lacking direction, motivation and asking myself “who & why am I doing this all for?”  I can read it again. One person can make a difference and that person is Ted S.

Thank you to Ted

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