Strap-on Fun [KOTW]

“This week’s Kink of the Week is about strap-on play. We’re looking for your experiences, fantasies and philosophies. Are strap-ons part of your everyday sex, or something you wish that was? Do strap-ons make the wearer masculine? The receiver feminine? Are you a strap-on ‘switch’ or do you stick to the giving or receiving side? Pick up your favorite bottle of lube and let’s slide into this week’s Kink of the Week – strap-on sex.”


OH YEAH?!! So you’re saying this if I let you fuk me with a strap-on that would be one off your bucket list?

UhHUH, talking dirty to you as the dildo slides in & out of you. mmm that’s a huge turn for me.

And for YOU, babe, we can scratch that off your list when you feel like you’re ready!

Woohoo! Pegging you…oh fuck yes!

U know i’m all about making your fantasies come tru!!! U got me so fucking turned on i might hafta go beat off in the bathroom OR i could sneak you in there!

haha, i was rubbing my clit a while ago.

WHA???? when did you start? U should be here. i’m just down the street.

I don’t want to leave my warm house. lol

well, i’m down for us to get together. so i can make your wish come true and you can fuck me for a change.

ohhhh yeah baby! soon very soon.

I’m gonna hold you to that!

please do.”

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We had this conversation a few weeks ago. We have yet to “get together.” His moods swings are as unpredictable as mine. I have always wanted to fuck a man. Just once. I have always viewed using a strap-on with a man as turning him into my sissy bitch. Strap-ons make me feel dominant. Maybe that’s why man always rub their cocks in public and strut around like their cock is 10 inches long.

I married a very vanilla man. Any discussion of using a strap-on or rimming or anal sex is a big turn off to him. So, using a strap-on with him is out of the question. I have my fantasies about using one, not on him but someone else. Someone who fights his inner demons. Iknow he is bisexual, at times he has difficulty accepting it. I’m just thrilled that I am one of two women who know his truth.

My fantasy would be catching him in that mood. When he will submit to me, trust me. I would build up the emotional warm and fuzzy part of it. My goal would be for me to get him to cum while my dildo is thrusting in & out of his sissy hole. When he would release & submit every part of himself to me. I wanna hear him call out my name in pleasure & ecstasy.

I want him to suck it first. I wanna make his eyes water, gag him a bit. I wanna suck his cock & balls. I wanna run my fingers across his skin. I wanna rim him first. Stroke his cock every so often. I want to bend him over. I wanna watch his face as I stroke up my dildo with lube. I wanna rub that dildo against his ass cheeks, spreading his cheeks. My hands on his back, feeling the warmth of his skin. Is he trembling? Is he excited? Is his cock hard and leaking cum? Placing my hands on his waist I wanna push the dildo into his hole and hear him gasp for air. Hear him sighing, moaning and wanting it deeper. Fucking him slowly at first until he wants it deep & hard & fast. Finishing with him cumming while I’m pumping tight asshole.

Funny when I hear “strap-on” I don’t ever think of an experience with myself and another woman. Not saying that I have ruled that out or crossed it off my sex bucket list. It’s something that just never comes in to my mind. Do I own a strap-on? I recently reviewed a dildo that is harness compatible. I just need to get a harness now. I think I need to have one for when I ever get the opportunity to peg a man. 

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