10 Things I Love about Blogging

What I Love about Blogging.

  1. I can pretty much say what ever I want (self-hosted)
  2. Making new efriends, bloggers through online communities
  3. Testing out products for review. Like a few sex toys to household products to beauty/health products
  4. Sharing my opinion (because it’s an important one, ya know?)
  5. Learning new things (anything to do with making my blog look purdy and promoting my blog)
  6. Being about to add my podcast episodes when ever the urge hits me
  7. I set my own time table (writing when the urge strikes)
  8. Getting comments (because I’m an attention whore)
  9. Participating in all sorts of blogging memes
  10. Reading what others have to say & share

What I Hate about Blogging

  1. Having writer’s block
  2. No comments
  3. Low stats, low page rank, etc
  4. Trying to understand everything about blogging in general
  5. Being afraid of not being followed, read, etc
  6. Not having a niche, that I feel I belong in
  7. Having to make sure that my posts are visually appealing, photos, grammar, etc.
  8. Not having a set schedule for blogging (because sometimes it seems to take me too long)
  9. Sometimes not having enough privacy or quiet time
  10. When I compare myself to other bloggers (this is more about me than about blogging itself)

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