• Sassy gets fucked for her Birthday [MM140, Guest Post]

    Thanks to WB for writing this story for me as one of my birthday presents. My birthday was Mid-April, sorry that I am just now sharing it with all of […]

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  • x marks the spot, atozchallenge, sassycat3000

    X marks the Spot

    Walking down Main St. looking for ideas for photos, I was explaining to my friend how difficult the last part of the alphabet is for ideas. She  suggested walking a […]

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  • smoking, atozchallenge


    I tried smoking when I was around 11 or 12 years old. My older cousins were doing it so I had to try it too. Coughed and coughed and coughed. […]

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  • money, a to z challenge, sassycat3000, tips

    She works hard for the Money

    I always wanted to be a bartender, but the work that goes with that just didn’t appeal to me. I will admit to doing some of it when I was […]

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  • keys, a to z challenge

    Keys on the Bar

    There are a few women who frequent the bar who don’t care purses. When they don’t they toss their keys on the bar.

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Crawl! Get on all fours and Crawl! [kotw]

The first image that came into my mind when I read the prompt for kink of the week was the scene in one of my favorite movies “9 1/2 Weeks.” When I watched it back then I felt like there is no way I would ever want to crawl for anyone and the money would make me feel like a prostitute. I […]

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Another Cat’s Tales Podcast

Cat shares a story about an acquaintance and her relationship with her ex and with the sauce. This podcast contains adult language, adult situations and may contain triggers for some. The bar, the booze and me....

neon green bondage rope, sinful sunday, skin indentation, latina sexblogger,

The Tie that Binds [SS314]

Mr. Sam, like Charlie is not a vanilla partner. Mr. Sam and I have been together for 7 months now, we are getting used to each other. We talk about almost everything, I tend to still get embarrassed about some things. We recently discussed the idea of mutual masturbation, sex toys and other kinky ideas. He asked me to bring […]

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Adult Product Reviews

sexblogger, latina, product review, Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Clitoral Vibrator

Satisfyer Pro Penguin [Review]

I have reviewed the Satisfyer 2. The second clitoral vibrator I received from the Satisfyer family is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. The Satisfyer Pro Peguin is also […]

Sinful Sunday

Writings from Guest Bloggers

Darrell’s High School Teacher Experience [MM118]

This week’s Masturbation Monday story is written by “Mr. Darrell.” He has shared a few of his stories with me. I mentioned that I would be willing to post them on my website. Here is one of his stories. I did go through and edit the punctuation. The weather was changing and so was I. This was going to be […]

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