• sinful ecstasy

    Register to Win – Sinful Ecstasy

    Wicked Butterfly and I have joined forces to offer you this exquisite little number! The Sinful Ecstasy is 100% silicone, Phthalates free with 10 functions that will bring you the brink […]

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  • Get The Butters

    I got The Butters! [Product Review]

    I’m sure you’ve used water-based lube and realize that its sticky and clean up is a but of a pain in the ass. I was given the opportunity to test […]

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  • Back

    Back [SS285]

    I don’t like taking photos of my back because it reminds me of how fat I am. I am trying to get past my body image issue. IMO, I don’t […]

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  • penthouse pink

    Penthouse Pink [SS284]

    I got these boots as a gift, months ago. Haven’t been in a “sexy” mood to take photos in them. Until now. Why? I met up with Charlie again. For […]

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  • stinky stella the border collie

    An Evening Walk through the Park

    August through September is usually super hot & humid in Northern Illinois. So taking the dog for a walk is a chore, something we end up saying “it’s too hot […]

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Taste like cough syrup

Late Night [MM101, WW219]

Charlie called. He only calls when he’s drunk or feeling needy. “Where you at?” I answer him.  “At home, ready for bed.” “Come down and […]

word for wednesday

Insomnia [W4W]

He was having bad dreams. My stomach hurt. My bum knee has a dull ache, too cold to get out of bed. WHY!? Why is […]

Writings from Guest Bloggers

Happy Birthday [Guest Post]

A Guest Post written By Laura Varnishe of School of Squirt I have been a rather sexually open person for quite a few years now. There isn’t much that will make me blush and certainly nothing that’s too uncomfortable, within reason. Three years ago, I learned exactly where I draw the line in the sand! It was my birthday and […]

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