Another Cat’s Tales Podcast

Big Bad Neighbor Momma came at Me [Podcast]

We have been having problems with our new neighbors. I told one of the boys to stop playing basketball in our driveway...listen to the podcast for the rest of the story


word for wednesday

Insomnia [W4W]

He was having bad dreams. My stomach hurt. My bum knee has a dull ache, too cold to get out of bed. WHY!? Why is […]

alcohol awareness month

Alcohol [W4W61]

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. So far I have been out drinking twice this month. I was planning on drinking tonight as well. Charlie text […]

back porch

Spring Cleaning [W4W60]

Yeah I know that’s two words. It’s spring break. We are spending our week’s vacation CLEANING! WTF?! Yup. Cleaning. Attempting to straighten out our very […]

dental cleaning

Teeth [W4W59]

My Word for Wednesday is Teeth. Bite Me. Cavities. Root canals. Crowns and so much more. I have been in the dentist’s chair since I […]

Sex Secretary and books

Book Collector [WW199]

 I am not avid book reader. I had problems with retaining the information that I just read. No problems comprehending what I read, it took me longer. […]

kidnapped/captive woman looking in mirror with duct tape

Taken [KOTW]

Everyone is different. Everyone has unique & different kinks, fetishes and taboos that get them off. The Kink of the Week is Kidnapped/Captive. This kink that does […]


Elust #80

Photo courtesy of Penny’s Dirty Thoughts Welcome to Elust #80 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one […]

man sleeping

I Needed my Fix [MM80]

Charlie called at 6:49am. I missed the call. I called him back an hour later. “What’s up? Are you coming out? Why? What do you […]


Sex Confessions [TMI]

1. Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Was it planned or spontaneous? Any kinky […]

Writings from Guest Bloggers

Happy Birthday [Guest Post]

A Guest Post written By Laura Varnishe of School of Squirt I have been a rather sexually open person for quite a few years now. There isn’t much that will make me blush and certainly nothing that’s too uncomfortable, within reason. Three years ago, I learned exactly where I draw the line in the sand! It was my birthday and […]

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