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My Black Leather Bracelet [KOTW]

Cockrings. My experience with cock rings didn’t happen until I was married the second time around. I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s when my current husband & I were still in our honeymoon phase. He was the one who would suggest that we take a trip to our local adult toy store. We would shop for anything and […]

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Another Cat’s Tales Podcast

Cat shares a story about an acquaintance and her relationship with her ex and with the sauce. This podcast contains adult language, adult situations and may contain triggers for some. The bar, the booze and me....

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The Tie that Binds [SS314]

Mr. Sam, like Charlie is not a vanilla partner. Mr. Sam and I have been together for 7 months now, we are getting used to each other. We talk about almost everything, I tend to still get embarrassed about some things. We recently discussed the idea of mutual masturbation, sex toys and other kinky ideas. He asked me to bring […]

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Adult Product Reviews

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Satisfyer Pro Penguin [Review]

I have reviewed the Satisfyer 2. The second clitoral vibrator I received from the Satisfyer family is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. The Satisfyer Pro Peguin is also […]

Writings from Guest Bloggers

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One Sex-crazed Night [Guest Blogger]

You wake up to discover new message. I went on to your blog and read a few stories. One that caught my attention was the urethral sex that’s the pee hole. Below is a story based on one of my experiences. I dated a lady who to my amazement was more of a freak than me (I was in sexual heaven). […]

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